Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maine Getaway

Coastal Living Idea Home 2008
Kick of your shoes and step into this Main Home. From striped floors to beach-chic furniture it's creative touches fit every beach lovers lifestyle.

Look at the shutters between the two rooms. This is such a great idea!

Okay, I can move in anytime. Seriously!


  1. Love these pictures - looks so bright and clean.. I would love to live there...

  2. Beautiful...right from the very beginning where the bikes and front door match the inside!

  3. Thank you for the comment! That house looks amazing. It isn't my style but for a vacation house it would be so relaxing! I've never been to New England (except for NH when I was three) but it sounds so pretty!

  4. Amazing! It is absolutely gorgeous! I'm stopping by from SITS, just to show some comment love! Hope the rest of your day is awesome!


    Teresa <><

  5. Hi!
    Great house. I love the shutters hung inside.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate you kind words. It's good to get to "meet" you. Love your accent...comes across in your writing.

    Sweet dreams!

  6. I have been dreaming of a room with coral and yellow-green! had not thought about putting lavender with it though!

    Beautiful inspirations!

  7. Just lovely!...I dont think I'd like the drying fish chandilier, but some of the bathrooms are wonderful, and the bright painted bedhead!

  8. I don't know what to think about those houses, because my house is bigger, I'm gonna explain you, I can get twenty cars inside my garage, and also I have five polls to everybody gets fun and don't get bored.

  9. Hi there! Gorgeous pictures! Could someone please tell me what color is in the art room.It looks like a bluish turquoise but would like the exact name and where to get it, if possible. Thank you so much for the inspiration! please post in comments. thanks!


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