Sunday, August 23, 2009

Five Star Deck Dining Makeover

Just a few pictures to inspire you to transform your deck! The photos are from Southern Living Magazine.

A worn deck next to a carport. A charmless outside space with no ambiance was turned into this:

Wow! Fresh paint, new furniture and some plants. The blinds between the carport and the deck creates more privacy. The curtains and awning made out of weather resistant fabric softens up the place. A nylon rug adds warmth (and can be left outside, rain or shine).

A candle lantern casts a soft glow.

Greens and yellows add a splash of color to this outside haven.

Oh, and I just love this weather-resistant copper-topped buffet!


  1. THAT is a gorgeous and remarkable make over.


  2. That yellow carpet HAS to be in my life. I need it. I'll die if I don't get it. Where is my sugar daddy? If I can meet him, he'll surely buy it for me.

    Sigh... to be rich and able to enjoy such beautiful things. In the meanwhile, I'll have to keep coming back here ;)


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