Friday, August 7, 2009

Beach Up Your Breakfast Nook

Wake up to the coast with these fresh, sunny looks.
Mix and Match

Ship Shaped

Incorporate your sea treasures.
Punch up your pallete.

Add Vintage Appeal

Soft pastels are a coastal classic too.

Keep it simple.

Take it outside.

Enjoy your space!
Photos: Coastal Living


  1. Wow, I love all these photo. It is so good to live in the environment that is so good decorated and it make us feel good.
    Life should be like that, simple yet happy.
    Thanks for sharing and have the nice day.

  2. Great pics! The colored chairs in the first pic are so pretty!

  3. Lovely, relaxing and fresh looking pics! I feel some redecoration coming on!

  4. How beautiful. I am wanting a breakfast nook like the ones in the first photos. THese are such soothing pics. Stopped by from SITS today.

  5. Your blog is gorgeous!!! The picture of the house in your banner is beautiful! In fact the pictures in this post were beautiful too! Great blog, very well done!

    Angela from Angela's Soliloquy

    We SITS have to stick together!

  6. There is something about the multicolored chairs in the top picture that I love. Too bad it doesn't fit the decor of my house but I am so drawn to it!

  7. Beautiful crisp areas! Love the view and fresh colors. Thanks for stopping by..Christine

  8. Love any house that is by the beach but photo 4 appeals, simply because I have the impression that the outside environment is quite Mediterranean (and therefore mostly sunny all year)!

    Actually, if I could have the house in your banner, by the ocean, I think I'd be a happy bunny!

    Nice site BTW ... I found you on SITS.

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  10. I don't know how they can get those sunny and brilliant environments, I've made a lot of windows to my house but is so difficult for me reach that sunny place, maybe I have to move to another place.


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