Friday, July 31, 2009

Celebrity homes for sale: THE BACHELOR HOUSE!

OKAY, just admit it! We have all watched it... The Bachelor. Curling up in the sofa with some diet coke and ice cream watching a handsome guy pick and chose between 25 gorgeous women. Mmm... that's entertainment. Why do the women sign up? I have no idea! Why do the bachelor sign up? Duh! It is just what a man needs to keep him humble, 25 women fighting and making fools of themselves just so that one can end up with the ring and get dumped a few months later.

Well, you can say what you want about the show... but I have always LOVED the house! And it turns out it's for sale! So here you go, take a look at the BACHELOR house and be a judge for yourself. Is it as beautiful in real life or does everything look better on TV?

This is were the rose ceremony takes place. Cheesy, but oh so fun to watch!

This recently built hacienda of approximately 8000 square feet is truly unparalleled in design and construction. Also on the property sits a separate 4000 square foot accessory building/studio, complete with A/C, restroms and internet capability; perfect for a home office or studio. (Yeah, an "accessory building" bigger than my house!)

This estate is filled with many one of a kind architectural elements and details from all over the world. There is no detail left overlooked in this 6 bedroom, 9 bath estate; from the hand carved stone fireplaces and fountains to the state of the art chefs kitchen adorned with Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.

Remember the "mustard-on-his-hotdog-scene"? This is where it happened!

The owner of the six-bedroom Agoura Hills, Calif. mansion where TV’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” are filmed has lowered his asking price again to $6,750,000, meaning that his listing price now is almost half his original, nearly $13 million asking price.

Owner Marshall Haraden built the house in 2005 and used materials for the house from Mexico, India, China and Morocco, according to an October Wall Street Journal article on the house.
Features in the house include nine baths, hand-carved Cantera stone fireplaces, imported fountains, a state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen, electronic skylights and dual pane windows.

Outdoor features include a separate, 4,000-square-foot accessory building, a solar-heated, saltwater swimming pool, a swim-up barbecue and bar, arched aqueduct spillways and two spas. The house sits on 9.8 acres.

Haraden calls the property Villa De La Vina, and he also rents it out. Take a look at his website for the house – with lots of photos.

Thanks to for pictures and Big Time Listings for the information.


  1. I might think about if it came with hot bachelors ;)Pool boy anyone?

  2. As my step-son would say... Woooooah...... Awwwwesome.....

  3. hei ann-kristin!! :)
    nå er det bare fire dager til jeg flytter! jeg har laget meg en blogg som jeg skal bruke når jeg er der nede, så hvis du er interessert i å lese om hva jeg driver med så kan du sjekke ut: :)
    ville bare fortelle deg det, og samtidig si at du har en veldig fin blogg :D

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  5. Hi, thanks for stopping by! My favorite part of this place is the swimming pool, I'd love to be there right now sipping a margarita!

  6. What a lovely thought, but only if there is a hunk to go with the price...
    Thanks for visiting me, ...Happy Pink Saturday to you too!...xx

  7. Those are some gorgeous houses, but they don't "feel" like a home to me, sugar. I think I'd prefer my 1800 sq. ft. home to any of those. WOW, though, mansions!

    Nice to meet you, little chickee! I'll have to visit you often now that I know about you. AND thank YOU for your sweet comment on my blog,


  8. OK now where did I put my pocket book...I'm taking this one. My man and I can play fantasy suite all the time ;-)

  9. Thanks for the tour and yes I must admit I do watch the bachelor it is fun to see all the handsome young people all dressed up and haveing such fun on their wild dates. Thanks for the tour.

  10. wow homes and thanks of posting this article


  11. I can't believe the house is for sale! Now where are all the proposals for the weddings that never happen going to go down???

  12. Stopping by to say hi... Love, love, love this house... the pool and bathroom are to die for!!

  13. Stopping by to say hi - love the spaces, it certainly looks like a show home however.

  14. Tja... vi skal jo på visning nå straks... i noe ganske lignende... Jeg tror man kan få hele huset inn på arealet av stua, haha...
    Men KJEMPEGØY å se! Begge deler.
    Klem <3

  15. I...seriously...want...this...home!!!!

    Stopping by from SITS to say hello!

  16. See, I haven't seen this show, and it contradicts everything I said about Scandinavian simplicity in another post, but I think I could adapt. So much depends on house location. For instance, I have a Flickr friend who lives in Tucson and the colours used on houses there look amazing and wonderful, yet I think they'd look inconguous here in Northern Europe. This house looks warm and inviting and in keeping with its obvious warm setting.

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  18. I was in the Bachelor house, but I gotta tell you that's a fraud because everything is a completely way of production to get audience, so the best part of that was the hot girls I met.

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  20. Isn't it fantastic to live in a celebrity home? I’ve seen an episode of the show, and I instantly fell in love with the pool area. It reminds me of those in luxury resorts. This might be a bit pricy, but the feeling of staying in a house that is like a vacation home is priceless.

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