Monday, July 20, 2009

Celebrity homes for sale: Jane Wyatt

Galin bought the property in 2007 for $7.000.000 and has spent millions remodeling.

Built in 1936-1937, the mansion’s current square footage is a bit of a mystery. Public records say it measures 4,847 square feet, while Gallin himself told the Journal that he added onto the house and increased its size to what he says is just over 12,000 square feet

Features in the seven-bedroom mansion, which is at 651 Siena Way in Bel-Air include 12 baths, a two-story circular entryway, large public rooms, a screening room, a gym, and a wine cellar, according to listing information. Outdoor features on the 0.67-acre property include gardens, a 110-foot infinity pool, and a guesthouse.

The website for the property is here.

Thanks to Big Time Listings for information and pictures.


  1. Can I have the master bedroom? So big and bright!
    can I have the kitchen big!
    Why the celebrities have kitchens so big if they do not cook?

  2. I love this blog! Im so noisey i love looking at other people houses, checked out your other blog it did make me giggle xoxoxox

  3. I love the bedrooms they are wonderful!

  4. This is a beautiful house! I want the designs and ambiance.

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