Friday, July 17, 2009

Celebrity homes for sale: Joan Rivers

Comedienne Joan Rivers (76) has two properties currently for sale.
A beautiful Connecticut estate and a posh Manhattan apartment.

The 75.92-acre spread has a 5,730-square-foot country house on it. Features in the four-bedroom, stone and clapboard house include high ceilings (nine-foot ceilings, according to listing information but 22-foot ceilings, according to a 2003 Architectural Digest article), four and a half Carrara marble baths and an eat-in kitchen.

And this is where she cooks? I don't think the lady eats at all!

Other features include 100-year-old chestnut beams, four wood-burning fireplaces, skylights, a massive country kitchen, and nine French doors, according to Architctural Digest. Outdoor features on the estate include an in-ground swimming pool, a pool house, a caretaker’s cottage, a pond, a barn/garage, and a guest house.

Mirror, mirror on the wall... wouldn't you just love to see yourself naked from every possible angle everytime you stepped out of the bathtub?

Rivers bought the property for $1,438,400 in 2000, and then gutted the existing house on the property. The rebuilt house was featured in the February 2003 issue of Architectural Digest

Other features in the 11-room unit include four and a half baths, reception rooms, a two-story gallery, a light-flooded living room with original architectural detail, 23-foot-high ceilings, original boiserie (that’s ornate and intricately wood-carved paneling to those who have never taken French!), parquet-de-Versailles flooring, and original marble fireplace surrounds.

The condo also has a formal dining room with 18th-century panels and an ornately paneled, corner library, both of which overlook a south-facing terrace with city and park views. The master suite looks out over a second terrace with Central Park views

On a personal level I feel about Joan's apartment pretty much as I feel about her - completely over-decorated and charmless!

Even though you cover the walls with gold and paint the sky in the ceiling... doesn't make it beautiful! But that's just my opinion...

Thanks to Big Time Listings for the info


  1. Ugh! How come I can't shake the image of Joan getting out of the tub? Curses!

    Beyond that, I sort of like the place. As opposed to that condo, which is just horrid.

  2. I'll sure take that kitchen. Thanks so much for the comment love today!

  3. I agree with you completely, I liked the coziness of the first place, but not the living room deco (too busy!)

    The second place...STUFFY, you'd be afraid to sit down!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, FYI I just posted a Zoolander Blog and a few more new pics of Jullien, in case you wanted to stop by again...hint hint, LOL! I love making new friends!

  4. That is so lavish I can not imagine living like that...I don't want to live like that! It seems like such a waste of money. Too much and too big!

    Thanks for visiting and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Stopping by from SITS to share the blog ♥ !

    Have a great Saturday!

  5. That'd be too many mirrors for my liking!

  6. Whoa MAMA! The last pics looks like a castle. LOL! And that's a lot of mirrors.

    from a SITSta :)

  7. Agree, I don't need to see my naked self at every angle in the bathroom. Also the condo looked more like a hotel than a home. Maybe a weekend stay would be nice, but living full time??? I don't think so.

    Happy Saturday Sharefest

  8. Eww.. all those mirrors and joan rivers looking back at you. .NECKED! ahhh..

    Her homes are like her makeup. Overdone and covering up the real beauty I'm certain. :)
    Sharefest stopping by .. SITS friend. FUn site.


  9. All that glitter and busy-ness is meant to distract the visitor from spending too much time looking at the work done on the hostess.


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