Saturday, November 14, 2009

Southern Living 2009 Texas Idea House

This Port Aransas Idea House on the Texas Gulf Coast is a light and airy beach retreat with lots of room for family and friends.
Interior designer Paige Schnell of Tracery Interiors was inspired by the sunset and the water when she chose her color palette for the family room: aqua, persimmon, saffron, and white.
A window-filled alcove functions like a dining room with a casual table, two slipcovered end chairs, and a pillow-topped banquette. The built-in bench and wall of windows make this small space seem much larger.
“We created a stadium effect by raising the kitchen one step up,” explains architect Louis Nequette. The counters in the kitchen are standard height, but because of the elevation change, they reach bar height from the opposite side of the island in the family room.
Paige designed a custom antiqued mirror backsplash for the stove. It reflects light and gives the cook a glimpse of the room behind her, or the guests seated at the bar.
Paige balanced beauty and utility with her countertop choices―Calcutta marble on the island, and maple butcher block on either side of the stove. “The extra-large piece of white marble lightens up the space and is beautiful on top of the espresso-colored cabinets,” she says.
The third-floor loft opens over the family room. Industrial-style stools line up along the kitchen bar.
The downstairs Master Bedroom has been opened up with a wall of glass.
Instead of a basic doorway between the downstairs bedroom and bath, the architects designed a glass wall as a divider, with grommeted curtain panels that can be pulled for privacy.
The glass wall visually enlarges the space and adds a sense of calm to the dramatically stenciled room. The large floating bathtub invites relaxation and serenity.

Feminine accessories, such as the shell-encrusted mirror, add softness to the sleek marble bath.
Upstairs Master Bedroom in saffron and grey.

The designer created a architectural headboard by building a wall along the back of the upstairs bedroom. To fill out the eclectic look, she stacked books and leaned artwork atop the ledge.
The upstairs master suite showcases a modern barn door, which slides along a track to close off the bath. The bright saffron color ties in with the saffron-and-gray bedding and updates the look.

The children's playroom has been livened up by a horizontal stripe pattern on the walls. Tip: Use painter’s tape, a level, and lots of patience to get this look―you must wait for each row to dry before you move on to the next.

Influenced by train bunks, the architects designed a row of three built-in beds on the third floor loft, each lit with a marine-style sconce and closed off with curtains. Storage areas for the bunks line up across the hall, with a cubby and a drawer for each bed.

Several porches around the house open up to the beautiful scenery.
Built-in benches with hooks above them turn this entry hall into a useful mudroom.
With rigs to hang kayaks and a sink to clean freshly caught fish, this hardworking garage takes beach storage to new heights.

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  1. oh we can all dream! i want houses xxx

  2. What a beautiful house! I love the dining alcove...

  3. Ok...I am loving so many elements in this home...what a fun treat!

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  4. WOW
    but are these the only rooms likewear do you do your longery

  5. I wanted to built a house like that but the problem is that some engineers told me this kind of house doesn't resit hurricanes you have to be sure in order to built it.

  6. Great post! Maybe a little too perfectly painted and maintained to be truly cozy and comfortable but at least the owner/designer was going for a casual and easygoing look. A lot of inspirational colors, forms, and textures here!

  7. It was a great experienced reading your blog and I was amused with the interior designs and everything was in its proper places. I like also the color combinations,very vibrant and lovely and it fits to the entire area. I like also the panoramic view even the pillows and bedrooms they are all fabulous. Good job. Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog. God bless.


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