Thursday, October 15, 2009

Celebrity homes for sale: David Hasselhoff

Actor David Hasselhoff has re-listed his 6,148-square-foot house in Los Angeles’ Encino area for $4,195,000, after first having it on the market at the start of the year for $5,950,000.
I don't think anybody can say that this house has charm. But maybe a new owner can put a few personal touches that will make this house a home?
Good luck!


  1. That reduction has made all the difference, where do I get the details? Hehe....;0)

  2. this house type isn't what i generally like..but
    i like the sparse, open (empty) rooms. though ornate railing aren't my thing, i love the contrast of lights and darks...and all the natural light from windows

    it looks staged and weirdly enough, i generally like that look :)

  3. I love the backyard but that's about it! Like you said hopefully the new owner can "charm" it up a bit! ;)

  4. WHOA! What an awesome blog! I absolutely LOVE looking a people's homes...especially these celebrity homes! Where do you get the photos? I am going to enjoy visiting you...

  5. Though ornate railing isn’t my thing, I love the contrast of lights and darks...and all the natural light from windows.

  6. WOW I love the design of the house and the pool woah! I want to swim. My dream house has a swimming pool. Wish I could afford the price! Love it, it makes you feel calm and when you feel boring, just only swim in that relaxing water.

    Angelo H

  7. Great house with excellent features. I really love what I see.

    Paula M

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